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Music Meets Meditation with Boddhisattva Sw. Anand Arun.

  • FunAsiA 1210 E. Beltline rd, Richardson (map)
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Evening filled with Music, Enlightening talk by Sw. Anand Arun and Dinner.

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"A musician can easily become a meditator, he is very close. There is nothing closer to meditation than music -- wordless, meaningless, but tremendously significant. It says nothing but shows much, expresses nothing but brings to you a great splendor. From musician move towards the mystic. The day your music consists only of silence, you have arrived home."

"Music comes closest to meditation. Music is a way towards meditation and the most beautiful way. Meditation is the art of hearing the soundless sound, the art of hearing the music of silence – what Zen people call the sound of one hand clapping. And silence has a music of its own, it is not dead, it is very much alive, it is tremendously alive. In fact, nothing is more alive than silence."


Guest of the evening Boddhisattva Swami Anand Arun is coming all the way from Himalayan Valleys of Nepal, do come and enjoy the benefit of his presence.