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  • zorba studios 3207 Skylane Drive Carrollton, TX, 75006 United States (map)

“The object is irrelevant. Only the subjectivity is relevant. Whether listening to me, or listening to a flute player, or listening to the birds in the morning, or sitting by the side of the waterfall and listening to it, the same experience can happen. It happens not from what you listen to, it happens because you listen. Just listening gives you total silence; in deep listening you disappear. The whole art is how to listen.

Once you know how to listen, in deep receptivity, sensitivity, you are not there. The listener is not there, only listening. And when the listener is not there, there is no ego: there is no one who listens, only listening. And then it penetrates to the very core of your being." - Osho Schedule:

9:30 AM - 10:00 AM : Meet and Greet, Intro to new members

10:00 AM - 11:00 AM - Osho's Dynamic Meditation (Instructional Video: )

11:00 AM -11:30 AM - Break and Osho Discourse

11:30 AM - 12:30 AM - Osho's long time disciple Indu Ma will lead the session.
(Indu ma has been a disciple of Osho since early 70s. She pioneered the Osho activities in Nairobi during the early days. In gratitude to master Osho, she established Osho center in Nairobi and continued to operate it for more than 20 years. She moved to Dallas about 2 years back to live with her daughter. On our loving invitation and insistence, she loves to come to our center to share and facilitate Osho. We all agreed that she's a beautiful energy, and we don't miss the chance to meditate with her whenever she's around. )

Note for newcomers:

If you are new to Osho and his meditations techniques, we encourage you to read his books and lectures online at ( . If you have never participated in the Dynamic Meditation, please join us sharp at 9:30 am, so that we could introduce you to the technique to participate in the group.

How to participate:

*Arrive in time. No late entries please.
*Please help maintain serene environment.
*Take shower before coming if you have body odor issues.
*Refrain eating heavy meals before coming.
*Donations of any amount are welcome, no one will ask you to pay, but we suggest you to contribute between $10-$20 to help.
*Place cushions and mats back to its location "properly" after use.
*Bringing shoes and food is prohibited inside the meditation hall.

In Gratitude-
Osho Dalllas Meditation Center

*Non Profit Status IRS 501(c)(3)