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  • Plano Civic Center 2000 East Spring Creek Parkway Plano, TX, 75074 United States (map)

Facilitator : Sw. Atma Paritosh

A successful businessman, meditator, friend and seeker of Truth, Love and Bliss. Initiated in Osho Neo Sannyas by Bodhi Sattva Sw. Anand Arun in the year of 2007. Likes to be addressed as Mitra /Friend Paritosh. Paritosh has been meditating for over twenty years. He travels to the Himalayas every year to spend time with his Spiritual Guide and Master Bodhi Sattva Sw. Anand Arun. Under the guidance of his Guru and inspired by Osho’s vision, he works to bring the message of Awareness and Love through his Non-Profit Organization, Meditation Universal.

In the quest of Truth, Love, and Happiness, we all strive, tumbling here and there for our entire lives. We collect objects to fill our Happiness and Joy, but the void within is still not filled. In the effort to fill this void, we don’t spare people and relationships, but try to own and control them with little success.
Are we Aware?  
Are we Aware of What we are Doing? 
Are we Aware of What we Desire?
Are we Aware of Who We Are? 

Meditation is State of being not an act of doing.

Session 1 :Meditation’s longest Journey of Three Steps at Collins worth Meditation Hall from 11:00 AM to 12:30

This session we will be learning the process of cleansing mind with pranayama/breathing, catharsis/gibberish, jumping with mantra, silence meditation and then sharing Dance and music.

Session 2 : Dust yourself to Divine at Collins worth Meditation Hall rom 2:00 TO 3:30

This session is power pack 1 hour technique with music dance and watchful witnessing. Technique works on awakening dormant Kundalini energy. Four steps in this meditation shaking, dancing, calming and watching.

Session 2 :Glimpse of Godliness 4:00 to 5:30

This sessions include is journey to godliness via guided meditation. We will be doing simplest technique of Anapansati yog.

Later Event: January 21
A Day for Heart