Book - In Wonder With Osho

In Wonder with Osho is packed with heartfelt, cinematic moments so rich they feel like a movie in the making. As an innocent ‘Everyman’ on a sacred journey to find the magical master, young Arun overcomes many obstacles while encountering a circus of characters – sexually frenetic house mates, inquisitive royalty, transformed criminals, penny wise hippies, wealthy businessmen, ashram power brokers, supportive politicians, and restaurateurs, both kind and cruel ones. His description of the high cost of seeking to his relationships is very touching, especially when resisting great pressure from his family who feared the spiritual life would absorb their son as it did. Saddest of all the heartbreaking details was his angry father throwing money at him when young Arun was leaving home to be near Osho.

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Osho Prem Dhyan Kendra( Osho Love and Meditation Garden )

Dear Friends, 

We are making great progress we have evaluated several Options and designs elements for the building and landscape for the Osho Garden at Spiritual Village. 

We are also starting a Radio campaign from Osho Universal on starting this Friday. 

You can Tune in online at and you can listen to US on every Friday from 3:30 PM to 4:00 PM CST and Saturdays from 7:00 AM to 8:00 AM on 104.9 FM in DFW Area. 

Overwhelming response from supporter we have raised land of $200k and also raised 40k in donation so totally we have received 240K. We have only have need for 10K more for Phase 1 of the development. If you wish to participate reach us ASAP at 469 712 OSHO. 

If interested to reserve a cabin that will be almost free for you Call ASAP. Phase one limited Cabins left. 


Osho Prem Dhyan Kendra 

Temple of Love and Meditation