Osho Kundalini Meditation (With Hindi Instructions from Osho)

Osho Universal Kundalani Meditation.PNG
Osho Universal Kundalani Meditation.PNG

Osho Kundalini Meditation (With Hindi Instructions from Osho)

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(With Hindi Instructions in Osho's voice)

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Kundalini Mediation is four step process

It is designed to help seeker awaken Kundalini energy residing as reservoir of energy Pool in lower abdominal area.

This process helps release body from all it stress after long work day. Very refreshing and rejuvenating technique. Eyes closed during entire meditation.  ( Instruction in Hindi are in voice of Osho in beginning of meditation.

  • Step 1: Shaking to the core of your being starting from your feet gradually to entire body. Enjoy the shaking and let it happen, be 100% into it for best results. Your earlobes and cheeks too will start shaking.
  • Step 2: When Music changes now dance as hard as you can as if you have achieved the ultimate joy of life, dance with you entire body.
  • Step 3: Sit or Stand and listen to the music and feel upward release /movement of energy. Healing light and energy is everything that needs healing.
  • Step 4: Now lay down and feel the energy hitting top of your head.