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Chini: Friends it is that time of the week when we have Sw. Atma Paritosh from Osho Universal with us. He prefers to be called as Paritosh. Paritosh has been initiated in to Osho Sannyas by Sw. Anand Arun and spent years meditating under guidance of his master Sw. Anand Arun who is a long time direct disciple of Osho. Inspired by Sw. Anand Aurn Paritosh has established Osho Universal a 501c3 registered Non Profit Organization and is working diligently to bring awareness of mediation around the Globle. Paritosh Says just like we need good food and exercise is required for Good Health, Mediation and love are required for mind and soul. He also say mediation is not being against life it is something one adds to his daily life so that one can enjoy life to it full capacity. World and Spirituality are not two separate things. Body is Gross spirit and Spirit is subtle body.

With this I would like to invite Paritosh. Paritosh can you tell us what are we going to talk about  today.

Partitosh: Last week we were talking about divine love. will continue on the same topic today.

We will start with a small story a young man came to Master asking about god. Master asked him if he has any experience of love any memory of love. The man said I am a bramachari I Took a vow of celibacy years ago I am monk and I have renounced the worldly affairs more than 10 years ago, I do not want to fall in worldly Attachment you tell me about god I want to know him. 

Master: said “try to remember some experience of love, affection from childhood. Young Monk arrogantly replied As I said I have left the worldly affairs please you tell me about relating to god. “Master said I am really sorry if you had any experience of love I would have been able to help you, some bridge could have been built between you and good but without love is impossible.

CHINIJI: So Paritosh what is this love, is this something one is born with, Does one have to do some special sadhana for it, how is it different then ordinary love the most of us experience in life. Can you share Osho’s insight on love .

Paritosh: Yes Chiniji, It depends. There are as many loves as there are people. Love is a hierarchy, from the lowest rung to the highest, from physical attraction to super-consciousness or devotion. There are many, many layers, many planes of love. It all depends on you. If you are existing on the lowest rung, you will have a totally different idea of love than the person who is existing on the highest rung. Adolf Hitler will have one idea of love, Gautam Buddha another; and they will be diametrically opposite, because they are at two extremes.

Physical attraction is one level of love that animals also experience but we humans can fall below animals like for dominance over other or to possess the other we humans can lie, cheat play politics. 

Chiniji: So at lowest level we can go below animals, we lie, cheat and play politics to dominate and control and gain power over the other some how.

Yes Chiniji, Absolutely correct, in fact no animals can lie or cheat or play politic they cannot express anger if they love the other, they cannot love if they have anger in them, what is in so is out anger then anger love then love no hidden agendas they would fight but not be a politician to gain power over others.

So At the lowest, love is a kind of politics, power politics. Wherever love is contaminated by the idea of domination, it is politics. Whether you call it politics or not is not the question, it is political. And millions of people never know anything about love except this politics – the politics that exists between husbands and wives, boyfriends and girlfriends. It is politics, the whole thing is political: you want to dominate the other, you enjoy domination.

And love is nothing but politics sugar-coated, a bitter pill sugar-coated. You talk about love but the deep desire is to exploit the other. And I am not saying that you are doing it deliberately or consciously – you are not that conscious yet. You cannot do it deliberately; it is an unconscious mechanism.

Hence so much possessiveness and so much jealousy become a part, an intrinsic part, of your love. That’s why love creates more misery than joy. Ninety-nine percent of it is bitter; there is only that one percent of sugar that you have coated on top of it. And sooner or later that sugar disappears.

When you are in the beginning of a love affair, those honeymoon days, you taste something sweet. Soon that sugar wears off, and the realities start appearing in stark nakedness and the whole thing becomes ugly.

Pallavi: I think that is the reason people are afraid of being in love or falling in love ?

Paritosh : Yes Pallavi that is the reason 

Millions of people have decided not to love human beings any more. It is better to love a dog, a cat, a parrot; it is better to love a car – because you can dominate them well, and the other never tires to dominate you. It is simple; it is not as complex as it is going to be with human beings.

At a cocktail party the hostess couldn’t help overhearing the conversation of a suave gentleman.

“Oh, I adore her. I worship her,” declared the gentleman.

“I would too if she were mine,” agreed his friend.

“The way she walks and swishes. Her beautiful big brown eyes, her head so proud and erect…”

“You’re very fortunate,” commented his friend.

“And do you know what really thrills me? The way she nibbles my ear.”

“Sir,” the hostess interjected. “I couldn’t help listening to those affectionate words. In this day of numerous divorces I admire a man who so passionately loves his wife.”

“My wife?” said the gentleman, surprised. “No – my champion race horse!”

People are falling in love with horses, dogs, animals, machines, things. Why? Because to be in love with human beings has become an utter hell, a continuous conflict – nagging, always at each other’s throats.

This is the lowest form of love. Nothing is wrong with it if you can use it as a stepping-stone, if you can use it as a meditation. If you can watch it, if you try to understand it, in that very understanding you will reach another rung, you will start moving upwards.

Only at the highest peak, when love is not a relationship any more, when love becomes a state of your being, the lotus opens totally and great perfume is released – but only at the highest peak. At the lowest, love is just a political relationship. At the highest, love is a religious state of consciousness.

Pallavi: What is the difference in love of meditator ?

Buddha loves, Jesus loves, but their love demands nothing in return. Their love is given for the sheer joy of giving it; it is not a bargain. Hence the radiant beauty of it, hence the transcendental beauty of it. It surpasses all the joys that you have known.

When I talk about love, I am talking about love as a state. It is unaddressed: you don’t love this person or that person, you simply love. You are love. Rather than saying that you love somebody, it will be better to say you are love. So whosoever is capable of partaking, can partake. For whosoever is capable of drinking out of your infinite sources of being, you are available – you are available unconditionally.

That is possible only if love becomes more and more meditative.

You know :

Medicine and meditation come from the same root. Love as you know it is a kind of disease: it needs the medicine of meditation. If it passes through meditation, it is purified. And the more purified it is, the more ecstatic.

Osho Insight audio:

Pallavi: As Osho described in very simple language the difficulty of being in love with human and not reducing them down to things? How would one achieve the love that does not reduce the other to a thing? 

Very simple test for true height of love is if you can find reason for your love then it can still be purified and raise higher if there is no reason then one has reached the highest peak of love, love becomes unaddressed it just remains like a flowing river whoever is ready come and quenches the thirst. 

Chiniji: Can you explain what is the feeling to be in such state of being? 

Paritosh: My words will not be enough to express my feeling Lets play a Song of lover.

Talking about Devine love it reminds of a beautiful song by Manish Vyas.  


Paritosh: So this is the feeling when we reach closer to our heart. Decorate and welcome he is going to descend. The master of this mind, this body, this heart is going to descend. My eyes are filled with tears, Now this journey is to end. Search of many years may be lifetimes is about to end. Prepare this heart, this body, this home that I call I.

When we reach from our mind to our heart this is the feeling.

Osho universal inviting you today to the longest journey of one step from head to heart, come fall in love with yourself with Sw. Atma Paritosh. On December 9th. Limited to Registrants Only.

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Love is painful it is difficult but it does not mean we should give up on it. Keep learning and keep fall until you learn to be in it.

Many us have closed the door of heart. It reminds of a story of Nassrudin. He went to learn to swim and first day he slipped in the lake and got so scared that he told his teacher now I will only come back after I have learned swimming.

Question: How do we know this is the age that one should start meditating?

Well there is no age it is about maturity, if children’s grow they drop their old toys they loose the joy in those toys that they played with when they were toddlers. Many times I have heard people it is still not time for me. Only when one see all you do in this life death will take it all away. Just the realization and one automatically wants to know what is this death, is it possible to find out. Mediation is process through which one can unveil secretes of secretes.

So one who are engaged in world and only world it is good, continue to enjoy nothing wrong in it. There is no hurry.